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Home additions are always a smart investment in Arlington VA


Building Home Additions in Arlington VA

Building a home addition in Arlington Virginia is always a smart investment. As the population grows, the demand for housing will always increase, so regardless of how you choose to utilize your new space, your investment will yield a positive return. If you choose to build an Additional Dwelling Unit, (ADU) your return will be immediate. It's really a no-brainer if you have the space available but even if you do not, you can always build 2nd and 3rd levels to your existing unit so there is really no excuse. There are some challenges however, but all can be easily overcome and the financial gain in doing so will make it more than worth the work involved. Arlington VA has so much to offer which is really just a bonus as all of the major metropolitan areas in the US will continue to have housing shortages but lets focus on Arlington for now.

The medium home value in Arlington VA is currently $530k, and because it is a prime location for government work in the DC Metro it is some the the safest real estate you will find anywhere. With home equity at an all time high and interest rates so low you can refinance or get 2nd mortgage that will be affordable. A cash out refi will sometimes only change your monthly mortgage payment minimally. Here is an example: Your current home is valued at 750k. You owe 300k leaving 450k in equity. If you are currently paying 5% your payment will be around $1800 including tax and insurance. Take out 150k and refi at the current mortgage rates of 3% and your new payment will be $2300 and you will have 150k to put into your new dwelling. Once complete, the new value off your home will be around 1.2 million. Then rent the place or AirBnB it for easily an additional $1000 per month. Do the math folks, this really is a no brainer. A&G Remodeling can help you through the entire process for your home addition in Arlington VA. They will provide every little detail from the interior to the exterior. They also do commercial construction work for hotels and buildings and have been in business for 30+ years!

Another thing to keep an eye on is what's going on in California with the new SB9 and 10 Senate Bill. We will all be paying attention to how this effects the housing over there. If it is positive, you can expect other areas such as Arlington VA, with high demands in housing, to follow suit. This will make it easier to get permits for these types of projects which will also lead to easy money! This benefits everyone.

The biggest challenge when it comes to adding on to your existing home is what to do while the build is taking place, and the ongoing supply issues. This is currently being alleviated as Covid 19 cases ease and our economy gets back to normal. Either way, this is a great time to own a home so take advantage!

Home additions will continue to be a viable way to maximize your investment and earn additional income in the process. Undertaking such a project is no easy task in Arlington VA as it requires the entire build process from painting or wall covering the exterior to adding the kitchen and bathroom. If you go the ADU rout there is even more, so you will need a company with experience that can also handle all aspects of the construction. ANG Remodeling can assist you with all of this!


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DIY Painting? Here's what you will need!

Brushes (angled and flat)
Paint roller (plus additional roller heads)
Paint tray(s)
Drop cloths/tarps
Tape measure
Paint stir stick
Pour spout for paint cans
A 5-gallon bucket (for large amounts of paint)
Painter’s tape
Hole-filling compound and putty knife
A screwdriver (for removing switch plates, vent covers, etc.)


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